We bring deep functional expertise in sales, marketing and finance to drive profitable growth.

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The big, tough decisions are on your shoulders. There are no easy answers. If there were a way to ensure you achieved your goals, would you be interested?
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Are your portfolio companies delivering the earnings and growth you need? Need to ensure a company’s forecast is reliable? These are the problems we solve.
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You need to be certain when recommending an advisor to a client. As experienced executives, we offer a trusted choice, solving the business issues, while handling your client with discretion.

You’ve earned it. Don’t give it away.

Whether you want to grow or sell your company, we can help you unlock and retain your true value.
Stanton Associates rolled up their sleeves and led a restructuring of the sales and marketing processes. They got us on a growth trajectory which led to the successful sale of the Company to a private equity firm.

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