Seize market share and beat your competitors, while creating significant value.

The many challenges you face as a CEO – staying ahead of the competition, delivering quality products or services on time and at the right price, keeping customers happy, running profitably, obtaining financing for growth, motivating your employees – are further complicated by today’s economic realities.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are revenues growing at the rate you want? …better than 15% per year?
  • Is your company profitable and accumulating cash faster than you need to invest  in capital, systems, and people?

If you answered yes, then you are doing a great job in a tough environment. And you are one of very few companies doing so well right now. If not, we can help.

As former CEOs and company operators, we have been in your shoes. We apply our battle-hardened experience leading companies through challenging situations. We will work alongside you and your team, delivering tools, templates, and business processes that will ensure you continue to be successful long after we are gone. We create significant wealth for our clients.

Top Line Growth
In years past, many companies caught the rising tide of a growing economy. The new tougher environment requires that companies have a structured, disciplined framework for success. One that enables them to take market share away from competitors.

Our integrated approach pulls in our extensive sales and marketing experience to accelerate revenue. Simultaneously, using sophisticated financial analysis, we identify and eliminate the business factors draining profitability and turbo-charge the most powerful contributors to income.

We drive top line growth with improved gross margins. More

Preparing for an Exit
Eventually, all companies go through an ownership transition. Maybe the company stays in the family. Maybe it is sold. The key is to have a plan, for now or the future, so you as the business owner have maximum flexibility to take advantage of an opportunity when the time is right. Building a company can take decades. Yet all too often, a large amount of value is lost at the point of exit, with bad outcomes for customers and employees. Preparing for an exit will mean running the company the right way to make it more attractive to potential acquirers – and also a more valuable company to own and maybe not to sell. We can help not only get the “deal done” but also maximize the probability for a high multiple and a successful outcome after the transaction. (We do not remove the need to engage investment bankers, lawyers, CPAs, and valuation experts – although we can assist in their selection and project manage their efforts.) More

Operational Turnarounds
If your company is in a tight spot, Stanton Associates can help. We provide practical, in the trenches, assistance to companies facing challenges, including at times of crisis. We have the experience and the smarts to deliver not just short-term fixes but also long-term solutions for growth and profitability. We have worked with companies of all sizes and in many different industries.

Getting into a tough spot is not that unusual. How it is dealt with, however, is critical. Rather than the company becoming one of the “statistics,” Stanton Associates can help you navigate the rapids, resolve the myriad of operational and financial problems, and emerge a strong, healthy company. More

Strategy Development & Execution
Strategy is the foundation on which success and superior performance are built.
If you don’t have a documented, coherent, comprehensive plan to achieve the mission, you may be doing well currently, but in the end you are headed for trouble. It’s as simple as the old quote: “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Stanton Associates works with organizations to identify outstanding future possibilities, critically assess current capabilities, and to develop and implement the plan to achieve sustainable success. We bring rigorous analytical skills and innovative thinking to help determine what needs to be done (and what should not be done) to gain enduring competitive advantage and significantly increase shareholder value. More