Lewis Stanton, Managing Partner, interviewed at ACG’s InterGrowth Conference, talks about what companies need to focus on for profitable growth.


Sales Effectiveness – The Power to Grow

How to Integrate Sales and Marketing to Achieve a Dramatic Increase in Revenue

What are the essential elements necessary to become a world-class revenue generating company? In almost every industry there is a leading company that is a high-powered machine in winning new customers and accelerating revenue. Yet other companies, with very competitive products and equally capable salespeople, struggle to capture customers and sales. Why does this happen?

    • Do your sales and marketing efforts reflect a deep understanding of the customer’s point of view?
    • Is there a silver bullet to solve lagging sales?
    • Is your company serving the fundamental needs of a successful sales effort?
    • Do your marketing, sales and other functional areas work like an ecosystem?
    • What does sales effectiveness look like for your company?

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