Private Equity

Engage business operators who can drive enterprise value in your portfolio companies.

In this era of reduced liquidity and tighter underwriting standards, driving enterprise value through EBITDA growth is more imperative than ever. In addition, in an economy that is at best bumping along the bottom, growth in revenues and profits must come not just from operational efficiencies, but also by taking market share from the competition.

We can help.

Achieving a dramatic increase in enterprise value is at the core of everything Stanton Associates does.

Stanton Associates helps private equity firms drive value creation at multiple points during the life cycle of a portfolio company.

We work to:

  • Add value during the due diligence process.
  • Ensure maximum growth and profitability post-acquisition.
  • Identify problems early and propose corrective action for companies that aren’t hitting their numbers.

Our services for Private Equity firms include:

Commercial Due Diligence
We provide significant added assurance that when you buy, you buy right. From testing and validating the strategic assumptions underpinning the transaction, to reviewing internal business and management issues, we add value prior to closing. Our recommendations include corrective actions relative to deficiencies and identifying opportunities for future growth.  More

Top Line Growth
Accelerating growth in a portfolio company requires many elements to be in place, but fundamental to all is execution. Our Top Line Growth service helps ensure that there is high performance sales execution, with the right processes, infrastructure and culture. Marketing must be well-integrated with sales, supplying the right tools and underlying strategies. We also make certain that the focus is on growing not just the top line, but also on improving gross margins. Finally, we employ a performance management methodology to hold the management team and their direct reports accountable. We will help set reliable monthly milestones so you receive accurate forecasts. This is not to say that plans will not change, we just don’t think the need for change is best “explained” after the numbers were surprisingly missed.  More

Corporate Diagnostic Review
When results are drifting off-plan, and management’s optimistic explanations leave you wondering if you really know what is going on, we can deliver the truth. We quickly assess the situation and report back on the areas requiring remedial changes to achieve superior performance. Typically, our diagnostic reviews take approximately 2 days, depending on company size – a small investment to gain valuable insight into the current health of the company, recommended actions to take, and future pitfalls to be avoided.  More

Operational Turnarounds
If you own or are planning to buy an underperforming company, Stanton Associates can provide operators who have lead successful turnaround efforts. Our approach goes beyond just cost-cutting to identify and address the core issues that led the company to derail in the first place. We have the experience to dig in and take the action necessary to get the company the right way up. Then we address the underlying sales, marketing, overhead, and other operating issues to get revenue and profits flowing again.  More

Achieving a dramatic increase in enterprise value is at the core of everything Stanton Associates does.