Stanton Associates navigated our Company through a difficult phase, while taking on the role of Interim General Manager. They got involved in all of our major customer contracts, helping to resolve critical issues which allowed the Company to maximize cash flow, while minimizing expenses and risk exposure.  Their leadership skills and pragmatic approach enabled us to maneuver through a challenging situation.  In the end, it is results that matter, and Stanton Associates’ delivered to the shareholders a realized value which was significantly greater than expected.

Founder and CEO
$20 million business services company


After many years of strong revenue growth, the recession really challenged us, like all consumer products companies, with declining sales and margins. Our reduced budget also meant we had to make tough choices on what our priorities should be. Stanton Associates worked closely with me and all of my executive team members to identify the top objectives by department and build a detailed operating plan with an affordable budget. They guided us to focus on setting and achieving concrete goals. I can see the effect in my top managers who now think more analytically about decisions and how to take their department to the next level.

 Stanton Associates helped to drive improvements across the board in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations. This has led to improved gross margins and a strong rebound in sales even as our industry stayed flat.  As the CEO, I am now laser focused on the key metrics, with a performance management system in place to monitor results and hold executives accountable. 

Instrument Manufacturer


Stanton Associates was engaged during a critical stage of our company’s turnaround. Their team not only provided high level strategic and financial advice, they also rolled up their sleeves and led a ground up restructuring of the sales and marketing processes. They took the time to understand the culture of the company and the context of the required changes, thus avoiding the cookie cutter approach often seen with larger consulting firms. They got us on a growth trajectory which led to the successful sale of the Company to a private equity firm. Stanton Associates’ depth of experience was evident in our daily interaction and I would gladly work with them again.

Healthcare IT Provider


Our traditional markets were shrinking and our revenues were stagnant.  Stanton Associates were outstanding in helping us identify opportunities for growth both in established markets and by addressing adjacent markets that were a natural fit for our products. More importantly, Stanton Associates partners rolled up their sleeves and worked closely with me to build a detailed go-to-market plan. As a result, we had a credible, executable plan to grow our top line by 100% in the next three years – which was very exciting.

Executive Vice President
$100 million aerospace manufacturing company


Our firm has achieved significant success. We have a strong brand and outstanding relationships with our clients. However, it became clear that our target markets were facing significant industry consolidation in the foreseeable future. Accordingly, we knew we needed to chart a new path ahead in order to continue our firm’s strong growth. As much as we have a sophisticated and experienced management team, it is almost impossible to have a clear, objective view of oneself and we decided to bring in Stanton Associates to help us develop a strategic plan.

We knew we would get independent, thoughtful advice – and we did. However, we were pleasantly surprised by the way Stanton Associates was able to synthesize complex issues and present alternatives in a straightforward way. They really helped us understand our choices for the future. We ended up selecting a strategy that we are very excited about and which we are rapidly implementing. That choice, however, was not one we seriously considered before Stanton Associates got involved.

Most importantly, during some tough internal meetings filled with potentially highly charged differences of opinion between senior executives, Stanton Associates kept us focused and working together. They successfully provided an approach that expanded our thinking and was enjoyable and at times even fun.

National Consulting Firm Focused on the Pharmaceutical and Health Care Industries


I recommend Stanton Associates because of their unrelenting commitment to doing what’s right for the client, and their holistic approach to solving business problems.

Ivan Rosenberg
President & CEO
Frontier Associates