Our traditional markets were shrinking and our revenues were stagnant. Stanton Associates was outstanding in helping us identify opportunities for growth both in established markets and by addressing adjacent markets that were a natural fit for our products. More importantly, Stanton Associates partners rolled up their sleeves and worked closely with me to build a detailed go-to-market plan. As a result, we had a credible, executable plan to grow our top line by 100% in the next three years – which was very exciting.

Executive Vice President
$100 million aerospace manufacturing company

Achieving a dramatic increase in enterprise value
is at the core of everything Stanton Associates does.

This key objective is a common thread running through all of the services we offer our clients. Whether it is achieving Top Line Growth with improved gross margins, developing and implementing winning strategies, or leading a distressed enterprise through a turnaround, Stanton Associates has experience in delivering results.

For company owners and potential investors, we conduct commercial due diligence and perform quick, insightful diagnostics to give you the full picture.

While the services may be different, there’s a consistent theme in our approach – an approach which balances strategic thinking with the need to be execution-focused. Because you don’t want to be running fast in the wrong direction, nor do you want a brilliant strategy that looks great on paper but is never effectively implemented.