Trusted Advisors

Introduce your clients to professionals you can depend on.

Like you, we are much more than “just” service providers to our clients. We are trusted advisors.
Our clients – owners and CEOs of middle market companies – share everything about their businesses with us. We learn about all sorts of issues and challenges, including family or personal matters.

We know our strengths and like to stay focused. We do not practice as CPAs, lawyers, bankers, investment bankers, IT consultants, HR consultants, financial planners, insurance brokers, lean manufacturing consultants, telecom consultants, or many other professions that our clients depend upon.
Consequently, to help our clients solve their problems, we give referrals to other professional service providers.


To whom do we give referrals?
It is a given that we refer our clients only to those service providers who will do outstanding work. Additionally, as believers in collaboration, we focus on service providers who understand our business and will give referrals to us. When we receive a referral, we work very hard to return the favor. That way, we build a relationship for mutual benefit while also gaining experience working together, helping each other do an even better job for our now mutual client.

I recommend Stanton Associates because of their unrelenting commitment to doing what’s right for the client, and their holistic approach to solving business problems

Ivan Rosenberg
President & CEO
Frontier Associates

When to refer a client to Stanton Associates
We work with middle market companies that are underperforming, ranging from stressed or even distressed businesses to those that are financially strong but experiencing slow growth. Occasionally, we work with a company that is growing too fast – and getting out of control.

Why Stanton Associates?
Every partner in our firm has been an executive and some of us have run companies. That real world experience together with the absence of arrogance – because we know how tough it is to walk in your client’s shoes – makes us a safe choice. Safe to be liked. Safe to do outstanding work. Safe to know confidentiality will be respected. Most importantly, our commitment is to make very sure that the client is grateful to you for bringing us in. We solve problems and put companies, and the people who own them, on the path to significant wealth creation.

After we receive the referral
You are in control until you decide to hand off to us. We can call the client together or go to a meeting together. We will not charge your client for our first meeting. In addition, we will let your client know that, given our respect for you, we will conduct a complimentary initial diagnosis of the issues and probable solutions.

Our relationship with you
We respect that the client relationship was yours long before it was also ours. We will keep you informed. If there is a need – and we identify needs – for services that your firm provides, we will steer that work to you. When a service is needed that neither your firm nor ours provides, we will check with you first before introducing another service provider. If it is allowed by your profession’s code of ethics, we are happy to pay a referral fee (we are unable to accept referral fees for introductions to our clients).