Public Technology Company


  • Grew high margin revenue approximately 3X in < 3 years
  • Took company from > $10 mil in annual losses to profitability


Public company with four business units: a leading provider of software to hotels around the world; process manufacturing ERP software; gaming systems solutions to casinos; and a hardware maintenance operation.

Business Challenges on Arrival

  • $40 million out of the total gross revenues of $64 million came from hardware sales, systems and network integration, and legacy hardware maintenance. These were 20% gross margin businesses experiencing rapid declines.
  • Monthly cash losses of $1 million per month; the Company had lost $13.5 million and $10.2 million in the two prior years
  • Weak management and operations environment
  • Lack of internal and financial controls.

Actions Taken

  • Introduced strong internal controls
  • Established detailed budgets and fast track reporting of results to monitor compliance with the plan
  • Installed incentive compensation structure to drive performance
  • Identified the high growth, high margin products and service lines. Rapidly eliminated business lines, and associated costs, that were not making an adequate contribution
  • Removed, or upgraded, unprofitable customers
  • Resized and restructured to eliminate costs


  • In two and a half years, approximately $55 million out of the $70 million revenue was generated from the sale of solutions with gross margins of 80%
  • Profitability achieved