Board Member

When you need a board member who can do a lot more than just vote on resolutions

Lewis Stanton is a several-time board member of many public and private companies. These included a financial services company and companies in other regulated industries. Earlier in his career Stanton advised public company boards when he was at Arthur Andersen, where he led the capital markets practice in the US Southwest.

Stanton has his director certification diploma from the Anderson School of Business at UCLA. Recently, he provided expert witness testimony to a prominent law firm on such matters as the roles and obligations of a board member and the exercise of the business judgment rule.

With Stanton one gets more than the usual “check the boxes” board member. With his experience as CEO of companies in different industries, and as a consultant to dozens of companies on critical strategic and operational matters, Stanton is able to provide assistance to the CEO of the company in driving enterprise value creation.