Unlocking and Increasing Value for our Retail Clients

The retail industry has undergone numerous significant changes in recent years. Retail CEOs must ensure that their companies continue to evolve, taking into account the ever changing forces in the marketplace and newest ideas for improving retail performance.

However, the latest cutting edge initiatives shouldn’t crowd out a focus on the fundamentals such as optimizing margins and prioritizing those activities which will have the greatest impact on both the top and bottom lines. Too often we see that scarce resources are sidetracked by the most recent retail trend–some worthy and some fleeting.

Stanton Associates focuses on assuring that the retailer’s operating infrastructure and margins are adequate to support current and future growth and that new strategic initiatives are targeted toward increasing enterprise value, profitability, and/or market share–depending on the firm’s overall objectives.

Our Services

Top Line Growth

  • Pricing Analysis and Gross Margin Optimization
  • Transaction Benchmarking and Analysis
  • Conversion Rate Improvement
  • Sales Performance Improvement – Management and Operations
  • Sales incentive structure, compensation, & recognition
  • Sales systems
  • Sales forecasting


  • Branding and Competitive Positioning
  • Multi-channel initiatives to drive traffic
  • Customer Profiling and Retention
  • Advertising Mix and Budget Allocation
  • Promotional Programs –development and implementation


  • Merchandising Mix and Assortment Allocation
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Fulfillment

Visual Merchandising

  • All aspects of visual merchandising
  • Store planning and design
  • Display concepts
  • Furniture and fixture design
  • Processes to maintain merchandising consistency across locations

Store Operations and Organizational Structure

  • Cost Structure Analysis
  • Customer Service
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Align Organizational Structure with Revenue/Operational Objectives
  • Compensation and Incentives

Strategy and Finance

  • Strategic Business Plan Review and Development
  • Profitability Analytics
  • Financial Advisory
  • Financial Modeling and Forecasting
  • Performance Management Systems
  • KPIs and Management Dashboards
  • Incentive Compensation Plans


Selected Projects

$70M Retail Furniture Chain
Retailer was experiencing downward sales trend and inconsistent performance across 25 locations, as well as declining margins, operating losses and negative cash flow. A Stanton Associates professional implemented initiatives which resulted in the following achievements:

  • Grew sales by 65% through strategic restructuring and revenue enhancements
  • Restored company to profitability and cash flow positive position
  • Expanded operations from 1 to 3 brands
  • Negotiated 7 competitor buyouts
  • Grew consumer finance portfolio by 70%

$ 1B Discount Retailer
Performed an operational turnaround of the financial operations of a multi-state retail chain, a publically traded discount retailer of groceries and other household goods. Re-organized the finance department and related areas for greater efficiency and effectiveness. Brought company into Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. Revamped and strengthened strategic planning process.


Practice Leadership

Taylor Ganz, Retail Practice Leader

Expertise: General Management. Operations. Finance.

Experience: Chief Operating Officer of multi-state retailer

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