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The Hunter-Farmer Puzzle: Solve It and Accelerate Sales

Posted on by Lewis Stanton

Middle market companies often get it wrong. Large companies tend to get it right. For small companies it is not a relevant question because everyone wears lots of hats anyway. And that is how middle market companies can end up … Continue reading

Can we clone the CEO – in order to turbo-charge sales?

Posted on by Lewis Stanton

In our experience working with middle market companies, we find that the CEO is almost always the best salesperson. Hopefully, the head of sales is better skilled at sales management and sales operations. Yet in terms of the actual act … Continue reading

Whitepaper on: Sales Effectiveness – The Power to Grow

Posted on by Stanton Associates

In our recently published whitepaper, Stanton Associates identifies the key building blocks of sales effectiveness. In almost every industry there is a leading company that is a high-powered machine in winning new customers and accelerating revenue.